Have a Phytonutrient-filled Thanksgiving! 

As Thanksgiving approaches, we wanted to say thank you to those who  attended our tastings this past weekend at Dorothy Lane Market in Centerville and  Springboro.  The “Phyto-Feta” dip was a hit and many of you asked for the recipe,  so here goes:  8 ounces of low-fat cream cheese (softened) 4 ounces feta cheese (softened) 4 teaspoons PhytoGrind™  ¼ teaspoon garlic powder  1 Tablespoon grated parmesan (or Romano) cheese Mix all ingredients together and chill for a few hours to combine flavors. Use with pita chips, bread, or fresh vegetables for added phytonutrients.  For an additional punch of flavor and phytonutrients, rub the outside of your  turkey with olive oil and add apply PhytoGrind™ before cooking.      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember to regularly check our website to  keep updated on new retailers carrying our products and information on how to  order PhytoGrind™ online.  Enjoy!   Mark A. Marinella, MD, FACP

My First Blog

  Welcome to PhytoDense Foods, LLC website and our first blog/newsletter! We hope that you will try our products as they become available. More importantly, however, we hope that you will become interested in the health-promoting potential of “phytonutrients”! Phytonutrients are a very diverse group of chemicals found in plants Read more…