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Why Dr. Marinella Started PhytoDense Foods


As an Oncologist, I am confronted with treating a variety of cancers on a daily basis—some of which may be preventable through lifestyle and diet. Although no one knows for certain what role, if any, diet plays in the prevention of cancer, the weight of evidence shows that the incidence of some cancers may be decreased through consumption of a diet rich in plant products.


My love of cooking great food, led me into my kitchen to develop healthy and delicious products that may decrease cancer risk. Of course, eating a healthy snack will not in itself prevent cancer or any other disease. However, adopting a lifestyle of eating phytonutrient-rich foods daily while avoiding unhealthy habits and getting daily exercise is a starting point for betterment of our health.

Research Fan

I constantly monitor the most current research studies that are being published to make sure my products are incorporating the best mix of well studied phytonutrients available today. I constantly work to incorporate new ingredients and design new variations of products so you can be confident you are buying the best possible mix of phytonutrients and flavor available today.


Just the Flax, Ma’am

Recently, flaxseed has been shown to possess some interesting anti-cancer properties, especially in regards to breast cancer—the most common malignancy amongst American women. Flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum) is the edible seed of the ancient flax plant, Read more…

Mustard Seed – A Must Have!

The genus and species Brassica oleracea contain some very popular “super foods” like kale, broccoli and mustard.  Although these vegetables look quite different, their content of various phytochemicals and anti-cancer compounds are very similar.  One similarity these Read more…